Partner Profile #2: Rich from CCMT (Zimbabwe)

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Welcome to the second post in our “Partner Profiles” series, in which we highlight the experiences and reflections of our partners as they implement the EPI project in their respective countries. In this post, we welcome Rich Chere from the Centre for Conflict Management and Transformation (CCMT) in Zimbabwe. CCMT is EPI’s newest implementing partner. 

Rich (right) after facilitating a training on conflict transformation in Zaka

Rich (right) after facilitating a training on conflict transformation in Zaka

Founded in 2003, the Center for Conflict Management & Transformation (CCMT) is a Zimbabwean organization that works in the areas of peacebuilding and conflict transformation.  The organization works with grassroots/rural community members, local government structures at provincial and district levels, traditional leaders, school authorities, religious leaders and civil society organizations.  The geographical area of operation is predominately Zimbabwe’s Midlands province, although, mostly through its Consultancy department, opportunities arise for the organization to work in all the other provinces of Zimbabwe.

CCMT’s vision and mission point to the realization of a Zimbabwean society that transforms all forms of conflict constructively, and as such, the Everyday Peace Indicators (EPI) project is very relevant to CCMT’s work.  The project seeks to identify indicators in communities that reflect the presence of peace.  CCMT believes that conflicts manifest first in the day-to-day lives of people and, therefore, assists communities to identify, analyze and transform those conflicts they face in their daily interactions – conflicts which, if not adequately dealt with, can at later stages become violent and will sometimes feed into or become political/national conflicts.

Rich facilitating a "Teamwork for Community Development" process in Mutoko

Rich facilitating a “Teamwork for Community Development” process in Mutoko

The EPI process shall benefit CCMT in the following ways:

  1. A research particularly focused on everyday peace indicators and making comparisons among three different communities will provide CCMT with richer and deeper understanding of what Zimbabweans want to see and feel to claim that their country is peaceful.
  2. Sharing information with projects in other countries will make CCMT appreciate peace indicators at a broader level.
  3. One of the communities will be one where CCMT has not done much work but hopes to do so.  The project will provide CCMT with baseline data on which to base its interventions.

-Rich Chere, CCMT

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