Partner Profile #3: Bashir from Pact (South Sudan)

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Welcome to the third post in our “Partner Profiles” series, in which we highlight the experiences and reflections of our partners as they implement the EPI project in their respective countries. In this post, we welcome Bashir Musa from Pact in Juba, South Sudan. 

I am called Bashir Musa. I work for Pact, which is a capacity-building organization in South Sudan, as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for the “Enhancing Peace and Security” project. The EPI project relates to Pact’s mission and vision in a major way, whereby it’s committed to supporting South Sudanese to fulfill their aspirations for sustainable peace by trying to find out how they determine safety and peace in their communities.

Lessons Learnt

I have learnt that each community faces unique situations, depending whether it’s in a rural or urban context. For example, an urban community faces armed robbery and land conflicts, whereas a rural community faces cattle rustling. Basically, each community faces different challenges depending on the dynamics of its settlement pattern, whether it’s urban or rural.

I am of the view that, with the EPI process, I will understand how different communities have different dynamics and how to respond to those dynamics… and that these will be best approached by having on board the community members, since they already have mechanisms of detecting them and then building on them.

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